Preliminary evalution of ayurvedic preprations of taila ’s and churna’s

Authors : Kuchekar Mohini, Kuchekar Mohini, Upadhye Mohini, Upadhye Mohini, Dherenge Kanchan, Dherenge Kanchan

DOI : 10.18231/j.jpbs.2019.004

Volume : 7

Issue : 1

Year : 2019

Page No : 26-28

The Potential of ayurveda's existence in the medical meadow is strong as more and more researchers, medical scientists and physicians categorise the pitfalls of the conventional medicine. In the present study, we have evaluated some ayurvedic preparations of Taila and Churna for Loss on drying, Ash value, Acid insoluble ash value, Water soluble extractive value, Alcohol soluble extractive value, Refractive Index, Saponification value, Iodine value and Acid value. It was concluded that, among all the churna preparations minimum alcohol extract (%w/w) content and Ash value was found in Avipattikar churna. In Taila preparations, Narayna Taila shows minimum iodine value. The maximum acid value found in Anu Taila and Nirgundi Taila and maximum saponification value found in Anu Taila.

Keywords: Taila preparations, Refractive index, Saponification value, Iodine value and Acid value.

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