About Us

Researchers Profile developed by IP Innovative Publications is a platform where scientific community can update their information. We enable quick access to research findings and present chances for scholarly networking. With researcher profile, academics can emphasise their contributions to their community and openly discuss their thoughts. It provides a simple way for authors to showcase their academic publications. It allows you to see the articles related to any particular topic, about citation of article and will provide you the link to access the article of your interest. It is helpful in maintaining Institutional academic activity, publication involvement as author, reviewer and editors which browse and explore research easier to collect and maintain profile.

Our Vision

Our goal is to support researchers, academicians, professionals, and scholar’s mission to speed up research and innovation.

Our Mission

We enable transparent and reliable links between researchers, their contributions, and their affiliations in order to accomplish our vision.

Researchers profile helps you in following ways:
  • It increases your visibility and discoverability by connecting all your research together in a single platform.
  • It enables researchers to get the credit they deserve for the significant job they are doing, makes it possible for information to be shared easily, ensures that researchers can give consent to share.
  • It saves researchers time and hassle, minimises the possibility of errors.
  • It will allow you to connect with your publishing colleagues and will help you in building your networks in the scientific community.
  • Recognize the experience of reviewers and all of their contributions, including reviews and editorial board involvement.
  • It will allow you to search your article or any article by title, by author name, by DOI, by subject speciality, or even by keyword.