Neuroprotective properties of Moringa Oleifera in cadmium and herbal alcoholic beverage induced frontal cortex damage in Wistar Rats

Authors : Olusegun Dare Omotoso, Olusegun Dare Omotoso, Owemidu Idowu Olumorin, Owemidu Idowu Olumorin, ABBA Sunday, ABBA Sunday, Adelakun Sunday Aderemi, Adelakun Sunday Aderemi, Enyinna Ogbonna, Enyinna Ogbonna

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijn.2019.034

Volume : 5

Issue : 4

Year : 2019

Page No : 206-213

Exposure to cadmium and consumption of herbal alcoholic beverages (HAB) is rising in Nigeria, thereby
leading to the increase in the risk of neurodegenerative disorders. Preventing the damages caused by
these exposures will be a valuable approach in managing neurodegenerative disorders associated with this
exposure. In folkloric medicine moringa oleifera is used to manage many disease conditions especially
neurodegenerative diseases. This study is therefore aimed at investigating the neuroprotective properties of
Moringa Oleifera in cadmium and (HAB) induced frontal cortex damage in Wistar Rats.
Eighty Wistar Rats 73g-151g were used for the study. The rats were randomly divided into eight groups
A, B1, B2, C1, C2, D, E, and F of 5 rats each. group A served as control which received 2.5mg/kgbw
phosphate buffer intra-peritoneally, while group F served as Moringa-treated control and received oral
administration of 2.0 mg/kgbw Moringa oleifera. Groups B1, B2, D and E were injected intra-peritoneally
with 3.5mg/kgbw CdSO4.8H2 Osingle dose. Group C1, C2 and D received oral administration of 0.5 ml
HAB and group B2, C2and E were administered orally with 2.0mg/kgbw Moringaoleifera. The intervention
lasted for four weeks and the tissues were processed histologically.
Activation of astrocytes were evident in group B1, C1, C2 and D which were exposed to cadmium and
HAB while those of groups B2, C2 and E showed ameliorative effect that were evident in reduction in the
number of swelling and pyknotic neurons and reduction of activated astrocytes
Moringa oleifera has neuroprotective properties in the frontal cortex by reducing the numbers of activated

Keywords: Cadmium, Frontal cortex, Moringa oleifera Beverage, Astrocytes

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