Brachytheraphy in head and neck cancers– An update

Authors : Anusha R. L, Anusha R. L, Sujeev N, Sujeev N, Sham Kishor K, Sham Kishor K, Chaithra K, Chaithra K, Nilofer Halim, Nilofer Halim

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijmi.2019.019

Volume : 5

Issue : 4

Year : 2019

Page No : 67-71

Head and neck cancers have become very prevalent all over the world and ranked 11th among all cancers worldwide. The mainstay for managing these oral cancers includes surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy or combination of these modalities. This article highlights the one of the type of radiotherapy which is mainly used in managing the head and neck cancers, that is brachytherapy. This review article enlights the dental surgeons about indications, types, mechanisms, limitations and advances about brachytherapy.

Keywords: Brachytherapy, Head and neck cancer.

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