Correlation of ER & PR with proto-oncogene & grades of invasive duct carcinoma

Authors : Pooja Agarwal, Pooja Agarwal, Dupinder Kaur, Dupinder Kaur

DOI : 10.18231/j.pjms.2021.010

Volume : 11

Issue : 1

Year : 2021

Page No : 37-40

Background & Methods: The present study entitled “Correlation of ER & PR with proto-oncogene & grades of invasive duct carcinoma” was conducted in Dept. of Pathology, at SRMSIMS, Bareilly.
Result: The quick scoring of ER & PR is combination of proportion and intensity scoring. Out of 56 cases, 24 cases (42.85%) were ER negative & 22 cases (39.28%) were PR negative while both were negative in 18 cases (32.14%). There was a significant relationship between tumour grading & receptor status. As the grade of tumour increases ER & PR positivity decreases. Most of the tumour of grade 01 were both ER & PR positive. Here the value of (p<0> Study Designed: Observational Study
Conclusion: For all invasive carcinomas, hormone receptor status is also studied using immunoperoxidase method and Quick scoring was done. Hormone receptor status was also correlated with other tumor characteristics as histological grading. Both ER & PR positive immune staining was observed in 71.42% cases of grade I, 64.10?sesof grade II were positive for ER & 25% were positive for PR and20% cases of grade III were found positive for ER & 10% was found positive for PR.

Keywords: ER & PR, Pro-oncogene & Carcinoma.

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