Evaluation of vulval masses

Authors : Pawar Kalyani S, Shilpa Chaudhari, Shastri Shraddha, Hol Kishorkumar

DOI : 10.18231/j.pjms.2021.090

Volume : 11

Issue : 3

Year : 2021

Page No : 458-463

In last few decades number of vulval lesions are increased. Patients came with complaints of itching, burning, or swelling. Although benign vulval masses are an uncommon condition of the lower genital tract, it is important to consider these tumors in the differential diagnosis of vulval complaints. Very few studies are done for benign vulval masses.
Aim: To study various vulval masses and their prevalence in patients operated in tertiary care center.
Materials and Methods: We conducted 5 years retrospective observational study of benign vulval masses in our hospital. Total 50 cases were operated which were included in the study.
Materials and Methods: Data collection was done from the Indoor patient department & Operation Theatre Register.
Results: In this study maximum cases were from age group 21-40 years. Bartholin cyst was most common pathology followed by Inclusion cyst & Gartner’s cyst. Rare cases of vaginal mass like Neurofibroma of vulva, Angiofibroma of vulva, Fibroepithelial polyp of labia & Bowen’s disease were also seen.
Conclusion: This study helps us to get an insight of various benign vulval masses and there prevalence.
Keywords: Benign vulval masses, Neurofibroma, Angiofibroma, Fibroepithelial, Bowen's disease

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