The histological artistry of fibrous dysplasia: A case report

Authors : Sanpreet Singh Sachdev, Sanpreet Singh Sachdev, Tabita Joy Chettiankandy, Tabita Joy Chettiankandy, Manisha Ahire Sardar, Manisha Ahire Sardar, Ashish Sarda, Ashish Sarda, Ashwini Chhapane, Ashwini Chhapane

DOI : 10.18231/j.achr.2022.064

Volume : 7

Issue : 4

Year : 2022

Page No : 275-278

Fibrous dysplasia (FD) is a fibro-osseous lesion characterized by the replacement of normal medullary bone by proliferative fibrous connective tissue. It comprises only 2% of all benign tumors and tumor-like processes of the bone. Craniofacial FD can occur in monostotic or polyostotic forms, and in conjunction with other endocrinal abnormalities. The monostotic FD is of particular importance for dental professionals owing to its propensity to occur in the jawbones. Differentiating FD from other fibro-osseous lesions such as ossifying fibroma and cemento-osseous dysplasia requires a fair amount of expertise, but is much crucial as the treatment plan differs for each. Clinicodemographic and radiological features are equally important in differentiating fibro-osseous lesions from one another. The present case report describes craniofacial monostotic FD in the anterior mandibular region of a 13-year-old Indian male.

Keywords: Fibro­osseous lesions, Chinese letter pattern, Histopathology, Bone pathology

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