A study of maternal and perinatal outcomes in first and second waves of COVID-19

Authors : Aliya Roohi, V Janaki

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijogr.2022.008

Volume : 9

Issue : 1

Year : 2022

Page No : 35-41

Background: The emergence of the corona virus (SARS-COV-2) led to a pandemic. Any pandemic/ epidemic is generally associated with poor maternal and child health manifesting as increased maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity.
Aim: This study aims to compare the effect of COVID 19 infection on maternal and perinatal outcome in first and second waves of the pandemic.
Materials and Methods: A prospective analytical study of 1300 patients was done. Various parameters to measure the maternal and perinatal outcomes were compared among the first and second wave of covid.
All parameters were analyzed using descriptive statistics and compared using the Chi-square test.
Results: It was found during the study that fever (48%), cough (30%) and anosmia (40%) were the major symptoms in first wave while majority of women in second wave remained asymptomatic (75%) initially and developed dyspnea later (46%). It was also found that presence of co-morbidities increased the risk of developing severe covid disease. Disease progression was found to be more rapid in the second wave. Maternal respiratory distress accounting as an indication for delivery was higher in second wave (33%) when compared to the first wave (13%). Maternal mortality and preterm delivery rate were higher in the second wave as compared to the first wave.
Conclusion: The present study findings can guide and enhance pre-natal counseling and management of pregnant women infected with covid-19.

Keywords: COVID- 19, First wave, Maternal outcome, Perinatal outcome, Pregnancy, Second wave.

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