Extradigital glomus tumour of the forearm- A rare site for an unusual tumour

Authors : Sneha Mahendran, K Shanmugasamy, S Sowmya

DOI : 10.18231/j.jdpo.2022.010

Volume : 7

Issue : 1

Year : 2022

Page No : 48-50

Soft tissue tumors are known to occur by varied presentations with atypical features, especially with regard to vascular tumors. The glomus tumour is an unusual benign neoplasm arising from smooth muscles of the perivascular glomus bodies. While it is known to occur in the extremities, this tumour has a predilection for the sub-ungal region of fingers. Vascular tumors as such, especially glomus tumors presenting in extra digital sites are extremely rare. In literature only five cases are available on extra digital sites and few cases have been reported to involve the gastrointestinal tract, airways, shoulders, wrist, knees and elbows. This report discusses the clinical and histopathological features of an glomus tumour of the forearm with atypical presentation.
Key Messages: Glomus tumours should be considered as a differential in any nodule occurring in the extradigital locations. Extradigital tumours need not present as a painful purplish nodule and can be asymptomatic. Surgeons and pathologists have to be aware about the varied presentation of these tumours so that misdiagnosis can be avoided and patient can undergo quicker diagnosis and treatment.

Keywords: Extradigital, Glomus, Soft tissue, Tumour, Vascular

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