Mesiodens - Obvious yet unnoticed: A case report

Authors : Sanpreet Singh Sachdev, Sanpreet Singh Sachdev, Yogita Adhane, Yogita Adhane, Tabita Joy Chettiankandy, Tabita Joy Chettiankandy, Manisha Ahire Sardar, Manisha Ahire Sardar, Ashwini Chhapane, Ashwini Chhapane

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijmi.2022.036

Volume : 8

Issue : 4

Year : 2022

Page No : 150-153

Supernumerary teeth occurring in between the central incisors are termed ‘mesiodens’ and have a prevalence rate of 3% in the Asian population. Mesiodens in seldom observed in adults with permanent dentition as most of them get extracted within the first decade or early second decade. The present case report describes mesiodens in a 32-year-old male with an emphasis on its radiological and histological aspects. Although a fairly common dental anomaly, mesiodens may present with several complications and have clinical implications in treatment. Retention of mesiodens until the fourth decade is quite unusual and is, therefore, an interesting aspect of the present case.

Keywords: Developmental anomaly, Cone beam computed tomography, Mesiodens

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