Computer vision syndrome: Are medical students exempted from it?

Authors : Rupali Maheshgaori, Parag Apte, Deepaswi Bhavsar, Gaurav Bramhabhatt, Prachi Bakre

DOI : 10.18231/2581-5016.2018.0024

Volume : 4

Issue : 2

Year : 0

Page No : 93-100

Introduction: It has been observed that use of computer by medical students is increasing. Study material is becoming more digital, computers are used in many of the diagnostic tests that take place within the hospital. This study was conducted with the aim to study the prevalence, risk factors and clinical evaluation and spread awareness of computer vision syndrome among medical students.
Materials and Methods: This Cross sectional study was conducted at a Medical college in Pune. The questionnaire was allotted to students in campus of medical College, those who were found to be symptomatic were further evaluated in Out Patient Department of Ophthalmology data analyzed by using SPSS software version 17.0. Statistical tools used were proportions & percentages & other appropriate. Statistical tests of significance applied.
Result: the prevalence of computer vision syndrome was 54.44%. using computers for 6-8hours have higher percentage (39.12%) & duration more than 6-8 years of using computers 29.02% students suffering from computer vision syndrome (cvs). ocular & non ocular symptomps were statistically significant.
Conclusion: The prevalence of computer vision syndrome amongst medical student was 54.44%. Factors to relieve symptoms were also studied and it is found that awareness of CVS definitely reduce symptoms.

Keywords: Computer vision syndrome, Digital eye strain, Visual display unit.

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