Clinical, MRI findings and arthroscopic correlation of the meniscal injuries of the knee

Authors : Vijay Chandru, Nagakiran K V, Anupama Chandrappa, Ishani Patel

DOI : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0075

Volume : 4

Issue : 4

Year : 0

Page No : 390-393

The knee joint being very commonly injured secondary to road traffic accidents, contact sports activities and repetitive activities, in such cases especially in acute conditions its difficult to rely to arrive at a accurate clinical diagnosis depending only on the clinical tests to diagnose meniscal injuries because of the painful knee so the patient is subjected to many noninvasive imaging modalities like x-ray sonography and magnetic resonance imaging and later invasive procedures like diagnostic arthroscopy to detect the proper diagnosis. So we conducted a prospective in JSS hospital study to compare all the three modalities like clinical examination, MR imaging and diagnostic arthroscopy to know the meniscal injuries of the knee joint. There were 30 patients with 26 male and 4 female patients age ranging from 18 to 55 years. History of fall with twisting injury was most common. The sensitivity and specificity of clinical examination and MR imaging with respect to arthroscopy was 83.3% and 77.78% and 91.67% and 55.56% respectively. So diagnosing meniscal injuries is of great significance to decrease the morbidity of the patient.

Keywords: Clinical examination, MRI, Arthroscopy, Meniscal injuries.

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