Adolescent anaemia and cognitive status among females in a rural block Sampla, Haryana

Authors : Vedpal , Sunil Chamola, Shubham M Sharma, Priyanka Sachdeva

DOI : 10.18231/2454-6712.2018.0017

Volume : 4

Issue : 2

Year : 0

Page No : 79-82

Introduction: Cognitive status gets affected by adolescent anaemia among females. Anaemia super added with Cognitive deficiency, in recent years, is taking the shape of a major public health problem in India. Thus the present study was undertaken to assess the effects of adolescent anaemia on cognitive domain and intervention to cognitive changes.
Materials and Methods: A cross sectional observational community based study was carried in a rural block, Sampla in Haryana. Non-probability sampling was used to select 1951 adolescent girls of age group 10-20 years. Hemoglobin estimation was done by using photoelectric colorimeter (Digital) and cognitive assessment was done by Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) Test Scoring and Accuracy. Pre-test and post-test was used to find the association between Hb level and their cognitive behavior amongst the females group. The data collected were analyzed using excel and SPSS-21. Study duration was 12 months i.e. August 2017- July 2018. Relevant statistical test was applied where ever required and considering significant at 5% level of significance.
Results: Most of the girls (52.9%) were found to have moderate anaemia. After intervention the hemoglobin level increased with proportionate improvement in the cognitive score status.
Conclusion: Measures taken to prevent anaemia with IFA, nutritional modification and deworming settles anaemia and improves the cognitive status of adolescent girls.

Keywords: Adolescent health, Anaemia in adolescents, Cognitive status in adolescent girls.

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