Extent of awareness regarding periodontal disease in patients of diabetes mellitus

Authors : Anuradha Arun Khakre, Anuradha Arun Khakre, Anup Shelke, Anup Shelke, Vijaykumar Girhe, Vijaykumar Girhe, Kshama Chandurkar, Kshama Chandurkar, Rohit Kulshrestha, Rohit Kulshrestha

DOI : 10.18231/2278-3784.2018.0023

Volume : 6

Issue : 4

Year : 0

Page No : 85-91

Introduction: Diabetes mellitus (DM) being a common metabolic disorder constitutes a global public health burden. As evidence from clinical research showing a strong relationship between DM & periodontal disease is mounting, this necessitates the global awareness about this relationship.
Aim: Aim of the study is to assess the level of awareness about the mutual relationship between DM & periodontitis among high risk age group of the diabetic patients.
Materials and Methods: A structured, closed ended questionnaire either in English or in local language were distributed and collected from 302 diabetic patients who are willing to participate in the study. The clinical implication of our study is to check the awareness of relationship between DM and periodontitis in these patients & recommend diabetic patients to see the dentist regularly.
Results: Majority of patients (83.4%) of patient were not advised by their treating physician about regular dental checkup after being diagnosed as having Diabetes. After recording OHIS index it was observed that 44.2% of the population was unaware about the severity of disease.
Conclusion: There is an insufficient knowledge among diabetes mellitus individuals about the mutual relationship between diabetes and periodontitis. To promote proper oral health and to reduce the risk of oral diseases, health professionals in both the dental and medical fields need to take responsibility for educating the public about the oral manifestations of diabetes and its complications.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, hyperglycemia, Bidirectional relation, Awareness.

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