A nasty guest of EAC - A rare case report of human otoacariasis

Authors : B. P. Belaldavar, B. P. Belaldavar, P. Apoorva, P. Apoorva, Chenchulakshmi Vasudevan, Chenchulakshmi Vasudevan

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijoas.2022.024

Volume : 5

Issue : 3

Year : 2022

Page No : 94-96

Otalgia has a spectrum of causes and one among them is a foreign body in the EAC. Insects are not uncommon, but pose a threat by virtue of carrying infections that affect the patient locally as well as systemically.
A 42-year female patient presented with acute onset otalgia, examination by otoendoscopy showed a foreign body over the posterior superior canal wall and it was removed, further microscopy then diagnosed it as Ambylomma Testudinarium and patient was treated accordingly.
In tropical and developing countries such as India otologists must be aware and watchful of EAC infestations by arthropod vectors. Farmers are more prone to this zoonotic infection. Ticks consume a blood meal and hatch eggs, causing local irritation, perforations and hematogenic spread of infection.
Tick infestations though rare are perilous due to the risk of tick-borne infections, which have grave complications. The management must be holistic including the otological perspective with systemic treatment.

Keywords: Human Otoacariasis, Ambylomma testudinarium, Parasitic Ear Infestation, Hard Tick

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