Class II malocclusion- mini plate assisted non-extraction treatment approach

Authors : Neeta Bhoir, Kretikka Sabharwal, Nitin Dinesh Gadhiya, Sameer Narkhede, Karthick Shetty

DOI : 10.18231/j.jco.2022.037

Volume : 6

Issue : 4

Year : 2022

Page No : 192-195

Class II mal-occlusion and its non-extraction treatment approach can be quite a garbled decision for an orthodontic professional, as it has varied modalities to it depending on variety of factors such as patients facial type and profile, malocclusion of the teeth, age of the patient, overjet and overbite and many more. The non-extraction treatment of class II malocclusion without extraction mostly requires posterior movement of the maxillary dentition, anterior movement of the mandibular dentition or a combination of both; is a sine qua non. An era of appliance techniques have been developed over time and used to distalise the maxillary molars with positive clinical results, with no disposition to question their veracity. However patient co-operation remains the major concern, orthodontic mechanics requiring minimal patient co-operation are discernible and relevant.With the use of dental mini-implants and mini-plates as anchorage, the distal movement of anterior or posterior teeth or both without anchorage loss has become possible. Among these devices, mini-implants have been advantageous due to its easy placement and removal but it does have its share of setbacks being the failure rate with respect to long term retention and stability over the course of treatment. Hence mini-plates take over the dogmata of the mini-implants, even though it requires special minimal surgical technique and anatomic specificity for its placement but is very aberrant when it comes to retention and stability over a long period of time and minimal patient cooperation.Sliding mechanics with the aid of mini-plate assisted anchorage and its application for treatment of skeletal class I and class II malocclusion have been described and its application in non-extraction treatment will be enlightened. The following case reports the use of mini-plates as an anchorage aid for distalisation of maxillary molars.

Keywords: Mini plates, Distalisation, Maxillamandibular

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