Comparative immediate effect of different yoga asana on cardiac autonomic rhythm in healthy young volunteers

Authors : Mrithunjay Rathore, Mrithunjay Rathore, Ekta Khandelwal, Ekta Khandelwal, Bhagwant Singh, Bhagwant Singh

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijcap.2021.004

Volume : 8

Issue : 1

Year : 2021

Page No : 15-19

Modulation of cardiac autonomic tone is a topic of current interest in research because of its association with several cardiovascular autonomic diseases of public health importance. Yoga has proven benefit in balancing the cardiac autonomic tone. This study aimed to explore the intricate mind body mechanisms with special reference to the immediate effect of Padahastasana (PD) and Ardha Chakrasana (AD) on cardiac autonomic nervous system and to quantify the cardiovascular ANS response to different yogic asana.
Materials and Methods: This was a Cross Sectional Study, conducted in autonomic function lab, of department of physiology, AII India Institute of Medical science, Raipur, India. Heart rate variability (HRV) was analyzed on 30 experienced yoga practitioners (EYP) with the average age of 32.99.71 year. All participants were healthy. Padahastasana and Ardhachakrasana were used as an intervention to evaluate heart rate variability.
Results: The time domain parameters show significantly increased parasympathetic component (SDNN, RMSSD, and SD2) after Padahastasana and Ardha chakrasana though increase is more after Ardha chakrasana. Interestingly sympathovagal balance was lowered after Padahastasana and increased after Ardha Chakrasana, although not statistically significant. This response may be due to a more increase in parasympathetic components after immediate Ardha Chakrasana.
Conclusion: Our study showed the HRV has good specificity and positive predictive value for the quantifying autonomic response of Padahastasana and Ardha chakrasana. Backward bending is superior to forward bending and should be included in lifestyle intervention to reduce stress and anxiety disorder.

Keywords: Yoga asana, HRV.

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