Evaluation of facemask associated acne/ “Maskne” among health care workers and non-health care workers of India during COVID-19 pandemic-A cross-sectional study

Authors : Savfeena M. Nagani, Savfeena M. Nagani, Aanal T. Patel, Aanal T. Patel, Nirav Bapat, Nirav Bapat, Krina B Patel, Krina B Patel

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijced.2021.046

Volume : 7

Issue : 3

Year : 2021

Page No : 243-248

Introduction: “MASK-NE”-Mask associated Acne, is a common form of acne during COVID-19 pandemic. It is type of acne mechanica seen when external factor occludes the skin, leads to irritation, inflammation and starts/aggravates all grades of acne.
Materials and Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study among 773 participants, using a Selfadministered, aim oriented, questionnaire which includes demographic data, acne related history, type and duration of wearing mask & other mask related skin problems in COVID-19 pandemic during 15th October to 15th December,2020.
Results: Among 773 participants, age ranged 18-45 years with mean 30.69 (SD: 61.30) and M:F was 1:1.78. After starting of Pandemic, occurrence of new development of mask associated Acne/ Maskne was higher among Health Care Workers (HCW) (34.98%) as compared to non- Health Care Workers (non-HCWs) (17.36%). Moreover, more number of HCWs had aggravation of their pre-existing acne and/or development of new of acne during pandemic (81.2%) than non-HCWs (61%). Wearing N95 type of
mask showed the highest aggravation (82%) of Maskne as compare to wearing Surgical mask (75.5%) and wearing cloth (cotton) mask (65.6%).
Wearing a face mask for 4 to 8 hours/day and >8 hours/day showed increase in the aggravation of Maskne as compared to wearing a facemask <4> Conclusion: Though wearing face masks can be the best strategy against COVID-19 infection, HAZARD OF THIS SAFETY is not negligible especially in front-line workers-doctors, nurses, pharmacist, policemen, hospital staff who are at higher risk due to several factors including type of mask use, duration of mask use etc.

Keywords: MASK­NE, health care workers (HCW), COVID­19 pandemic, acne mechanica

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