A single arm, exploratory and pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of a multi-component water-based herbal supplement in hair growth, density, follicle strength and hair fall in healthy male and female subjects

Authors : C.S Janaki, Mukta Sachdev, Ritambhara

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijced.2021.047

Volume : 7

Issue : 3

Year : 2021

Page No : 249-255

Background: Most available therapeutics to address alopecia are based on singular targets and mechanism of action based on the assumption of sub-classification to reflect morphological or etiological sub-classes such as hereditary vs acquired factors, anti-inflammatory vs. non-inflammatory factors or scarring vs. nonscarring factors.
Aims and Objective: Impact of oral consumption of Diabliss Hair Water, a multi-component herbal water supplement (HWS) on hair fall reduction, hair growth, hair density, hair thickness was investigated in a single arm, exploratory, pilot open label clinical study among healthy male and female subjects of age group between 35-50 years, with hair fall and hair thinning concerns.
Materials and Methods: The study was conducted under dermatological control and included hair fall by comb test, hair pull test, hair thinning measurement using photo numerical scale (modified Norwood and Ludwig scale) and assessment for hair quality along with the phototrichogram assessment using Trichoscan® with Cutiscope.
Results: The Diabliss HWS was efficacious in improving hair growth rate and density as per TrichoScan® assessment, improvement in hair thickness as per Caslite-Nova software. The Diabliss HWS was also efficacious in improving the hair tensile strength (break force by Chatillon Force gauge), reducing hair fall and improving the hair quality. By the end of the study the Diabliss HWS was found to show an improvement in the entire study population in all of the assessments parameters. Dermatologist assessment parameters of hair texture and hair shine also showed improvements in the entire study population.
Conclusion: The Diabliss HWS was found to be efficacious in providing hair fall control and hair growth benefits as per the dermatological and instrumental evaluations using TrichoScan®.
The product was well tolerated with no product related AE or SAE with regular consumption for 06 months.

Keywords: Herbal Supplement, Hair Care, Hair growth, Density, Follicle strength, Hair fall

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