Profile of ocular injuries amongst various trauma patients presenting to tertiary care centre of Punjab

Authors : Arushi Kakkar, Anubha Bhatti, Shakeen Singh

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijceo.2021.129

Volume : 7

Issue : 4

Year : 2021

Page No : 642-647

Purpose: To study the epidemiology and clinical profile of ocular trauma patients presenting to tertiary care centre.
Materials and Methods: Prospective study. All patients of ocular trauma in OPD/Emergency were assessed for detail between 1/1/17 to 31/6/18 and data on demographic profile was established as per guidelines of Ocular Trauma Society of India. Patients were categorized in different segments and assessed/followed for visual impairment in particular.
Results: A total of 246 cases were examined out of which 87% were males. The most common mode of ocular injury was Road Traffic Accidents. Pediatric eye trauma constituted 16.7% of the total cases. 26.8% cases arrived to our centre between 4-24 hours and 62.6% cases presented after 24 hours. Amongst 131 cases of Road Traffic Accidents, none of them were using protective measures like helmets or goggles. Of these, 17.1% were under the influence of alcohol. 28.5% were involved in medicolegal proceedings. Majority of the cases comprised of monocular trauma (78.1%). Closed globe injuries constituted 88.94% of the total cases of which most cases presented with lid edema and ecchymosis. Chemical injuries were reported in 4.5% cases. 9 patients lost vision completely and 71 cases had vision from light perception to 6/18.
Conclusions: Ocular trauma is one of the common causes of ocular morbidity. It has been seen predominantly in male population. Public needs to be educated about safety measurements and education about prompt need to specialised care to reduce ocular trauma related visual morbidity.

Keywords: Ocular injuries, Visual morbidity, Road traffic accidents, Close globe injuries, Chemical injuries.

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