Determination of sex of the dry skull using Interstyloid distance and its Medicolegal implications in Tamil Nadu population

Authors : Sumana R, Sumana R, Shivakumar A H, Shivakumar A H, Maheshkrishna B G, Maheshkrishna B G, Yasodai R, Yasodai R

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijashnb.2021.030

Volume : 7

Issue : 4

Year : 2021

Page No : 119-122

Determination of sex using Skeletal remains is a challenging topic with so many tools being used for the sex determination of Skull in this study. The interstyloid process distance were studied in 64 Skulls and were tabulated and analysed. There is a significant difference between the distance in Female skull and Male skull, the former being lesser compared to the later. Further study in this regard may help using Interstyloid process distance as a important tool in identification of the Sex of the Skull.

Keywords: Styloid process, Inter styloid distance

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