Endodontic management of an unusual bi-rooted mandibular canine

Authors : Vathsalya Shetty, Vathsalya Shetty, Sushmita Barik, Sushmita Barik, Anil Richhawal, Anil Richhawal, Sanpreet Singh Sachdev, Sanpreet Singh Sachdev, Sahil Kawle, Sahil Kawle

DOI : 10.18231/j.ijce.2022.043

Volume : 7

Issue : 4

Year : 2022

Page No : 194-196

A successful outcome of endodontic therapy can be achieved by a thorough knowledge of root canal morphology and its variations. The mandibular canine commonly presents with a single root and a single canal. A few may present with two canals in a single root and even rarer are those with two distinct roots and root canals. The present manuscript describes a case of an atypical bi-rooted mandibular canine. Careful examination of preoperative radiographs revealed a mandibular canine with two distinct roots and two canals. The access cavity was prepared, the working length was determined and the canal was prepared with rotary instrumentation with copious irrigation of sodium hypochlorite and EDTA. This was followed by obturation and post-operative evaluation. Careful assessment of root canal morphology should be done in every case for a successful outcome and to avoid any mishaps.

Keywords: Root canal morphology, Anatomic variations, Root canal treatment

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