Plant bioactives delaying aging and senescence through sirtuin activation: A review

Authors : Pant Manu, Choudhary Srashti, Mishra Anchal and Pant Kumud

DOI : 10.25303/1711rjbt1550163

Volume : 17

Issue : 11

Year : 2023

Page No : 155-163

Dietary intake has a significant impact on the physical well-being of an individual. Plants that are a natural source of bioactive compounds like polyphenols are known to have proven health benefits. An important finding has been the role of phytochemicals in improving cytological functioning resulting in enhancing cellular longevity and organismal lifespan. Sirtuins are a class of proteins that delay cellular aging and increase the life expectancy of the organism by regulating cellular activities. In silico and in vitro studies have elucidated the compounds that act as potential sirtuin activators. This has led to several molecular and biochemical studies confirming the anti-aging effect of polyphenol compounds found in plants to be related to sirtuin activation.

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