Researchers Profile

Researchers Profile is a kind of Social Media Platform for researchers & academicians. You may use it to find your relevant articles, and can get to know about the most recent activities in the scientific community.

Researcher's profile is a platform to provide an opportunity to researchers, faculties, professionals, scholars and academicians in scientific community to update and maintain all publication records and details. It helps researchers to maintain their own publication profile on single platform and share information globally in researcher community.

Researcher’s profile is helpful in maintaining Institutional academic activity, Publication involvement as author, reviewer and editors which allows researcher to browse and explore in an easier manner to collect and maintain records.

Why use Researchers Profile?

Citation tracking

As scholars, we know that citation is key to building our reputations and establishing the impact of our work. Our server includes a built-in citation tracker, so you can easily see who is citing your work, and how often. This makes it easier to understand the impact of your research, and to track the progress of your career over time.

Views tracking

In addition to citation tracking, our server also tracks the number of views your work receives. This is an important metric for understanding the reach of your research, and can help you identify areas where you might want to focus your efforts in the future. By providing detailed data on how your work is being received, our server helps you make informed decisions about your research trajectory.

Easy sharing

At the end of the day, sharing our work with others is what matters most. Our server includes easy file sharing capabilities, so you can quickly and easily share your research with colleagues, peers, and the wider academic community. Plus, with our user-friendly interface, it's simple to navigate and share your work without any additional hassle.

Unique Profile ID

Your profile is identified by a unique identifier called Profile ID which can be shared with your colleagues and can linked to other profiles such as Google Scholar ID, Scopus ID, ORCID etc. It permits you to merge all your research under one platform.